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1" Loofa

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1" Loofa - Scrub away the grime and renew the skin on your face with this SBG Puff Loofah Scrubbie. The perfect accompaniment to your Sunny Bunny Gardens soap, this facial loofah makes for a convenient and fun way to practice your facial cleansing! Great as a spa gift, this puff loofah is perfect for a spa birthday or spa party! Give this amazing facial cleansing tool to your girls at your fun spa day!
Likewise, all of our loofah products are earth friendly, compostable and are all natural. Loofahs are much more friendly to Mother Earth than synthetic sponges. These loofahs are not only great in the bathroom but also in the kitchen! If you need some scrubbing power on a kitchen project, use a loofah! They’re not just for beauty!
Measuring 1" diameter, color and exact size will vary.
**The soap in the photo is for example only. This listing is for one 1" loofah slice only**
Did you know??? That a portion of ALL our sales goes to our favorite animal charities, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Toby's Legacy Equine Rescue. Your Sunny Bunny Garden's purchase goes to great animal causes! :)